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All orders can have up to 5% under run. Some shirts could be damaged during printing. Because of this, we cannot guarantee that you will receive 100% of the garments in your order. We strongly recommend ordering a few extras to account for this possibility. We always strive to give you everything you ordered. However, if there is a shortage with your order, we will refund or credit you for the difference. All claims must be submitted within 72 hours of date of delivery

It’s best to submit your files in vector form: PSD, JPG or PNG. It must be 300dpi or bigger and have a transparent background.

Between 1 – 3o days. We recommend 7-14 days though.

T-ShirtGuys is not responsible for manufacturer defects such as garment colour inconsistencies, mislabeled sizes, loose stitching, label inconsistencies, or other garment defects. We do our best to inspect the garments as they are printed, but we cannot guarantee the quality of each garment. We highly recommend ordering 5% extra of each size to avoid the possibility of these issues. If we discover a defect before printing: We get a new shirt(s) and you’ll never know… If we discover a defect after printing: We deduct it from your order and you get one fewer piece. If you discover the defect after pick up: call or email us ASAP.

Please note: Suppliers like Gildan knit hundreds of miles of tubular cotton each hour. It’s then cut into hundreds of thousands of t-shirts that are assembled daily spread in factories across the Americas. They sell initially for less than the cost of a coffee at McDonalds. They’re not going to be perfect. The t-shirt is the most cost-effective form of advertising on the planet and if you get 250 wears out of your now $10 t-shirt, each time you wear it, it costs you 4 cents.

We like to keep things simple. Our quotes are all-in-one pricing. We tell you what the unit price will be, as well as the sub-total, taxes, and grand total. We have no setup fees, No screen charges or hidden charges. What you see is what you get!

If submitting your order online, we accept VISA, MasterCard, and PayPal. Alternatively, you can call us with credit card information or send an e-transfer to If paying by debit, you’ll need to come to our physical address at 401 Logan Avenue in Toronto

If time is a factor, please let us know at the start of the conversation. We try to lessen the sting of rush fees. Rush charges get your order to the proverbial front-of-the-line; but delays due to weather, power failures, vendor shortages, and shipping errors, etc. fall outside of even rush charges, which will not be refunded. 
Even though T-ShirtGuys printers have over 15 years of experience, there is no way to effectively and efficiently measure a distance from the collar on each shirt; as each garment is loaded onto the press by hand. If you request a print that is 2” down from the collar, we will use that as a guide and do our best to make sure that all shirts hit that target. However, not all shirts will hit exactly at 2” and they may be off by as much as an inch in either direction. This will not be considered a misprint and T-ShirtGuys will not reprint or refund these shirts.
Our design team will notify you if your artwork exceeds normal pixilation, which would result in a poor quality print. Images taken from the internet are only 72 dpi, but a file at 300 dpi will ensure a crisp, clean print. When file(s) require a complete re-build, at the discretion of our art department, we will email you with our assessment of what’s required and what we would charge to rebuild it.
We print on all types of t-shirts ranging from Canadian hand-made organic tees to all of the large t-shirt manufacturers such as Gildan, American Apparel, Anvil, Next Level, Bella + Canvas, Alternative Apparel and Authentic T-Shirt Company, just to name a few. We have products available to fit any budget or style requirement. If you’re not sure what product might work best for you, please feel free to get in touch with customer service.
Our standard turnaround time is currently 10 business days from the time that you submit your order. If you have a specific deadline that you need to have met, please notify us when placing your order. Taking more than 24 hours for approving your order will add to your turnaround time. We do have rush options available.
Yes. Inside labels can increase the perceived value of goods by as much as $5 at retail. Stickers are the better alternative to hang tags and can easily be printed with custom shapes and full-colour images. For screen-printed inside labels please call for a quote as price is determined by the size and complexity of your order and are limited to only one colour prints.
Screen printing inside labels is tricky and small ink coverage inconsistencies will be considered acceptable.
If you were to bring your own garments, we may be able to print on them for you; however please be advised that this does run the risk of the garment reacting in an unexpected way. Anything in our showroom is something we’ve printed on before. Therefore, we know exactly how it will react to the processes we put it through. For customer-supplied garments, there is simply no way to know until we try but there are risks associated with supplying your own garments. We only accept these order requests on a case by case basis so it’s best to bring one in before you buy all of them. When we make a mistake using a shirt we supplied, you’ll never know it happened as we grab another from inventory. Our markup acts as your insurance so when you provide the shirts, we charge for the number of properly printed and we do not cover the cost of misprints when you provide the apparel.
Visit DaFont, for a library of 10,000 great fonts. Type your text into the preview window, select the style of fonts you’d like to choose from and enter to preview your text in up to 100 fonts at a glance. You can download fonts into your own computer at no cost. For our use, we would only need to know the font’s name.
If you’re unhappy with your order, we would be more than happy to help resolve it for you within 30 days of order placement. Contact for assistance. For domestic orders, we will send a prepaid return shipping label for your return. Unfortunately, we are unable to create return shipping labels for international orders but we will ship your replacement to you at no cost.
Some shirts are pre-treated prior to printing to ensure the highest-quality product. Don’t worry, it will disappear the first time you wash the shirt.
If your domestic tracking information has not updated in 10 days with either UPS or USPS, please send us an email at We will contact UPS and USPS in an attempt to locate your package. If it is determined to have been lost, we will process an immediate replacement.
That’s correct. Many people have visited our Logan Avenue Studio and waited while personalizing their favorite player’s jersey with their name and number.
There is no such thing as a job that’s too small. Vinyl is perfect for small quantities at a reasonable price. Vinyl gives us the ability to print simple designs on just one shirt – which is something that most print shops won’t do.
In order to get an embroidery quote, we’ll need to see the logo/design you’d like printed, as the complexity of the design will determine the stitch count, which determines your price.
For now, customers cannot place an embroidery order online. Instead, if you’re interested in using our embroidery service, you will need to get in touch with our customer service reps through email at or by phone at 1-(416) 465-4443.
Before buying a business sign, consider these crucial tips.
Big or small, carved in stone or etched in wood, imprinted in metal or printed on plastic, with neon lights or a soft back-lit glow, there is a seemingly endless variety of custom made signs you can choose from. If you can dream it, chances are someone can make it.

1. Where will the sign be placed?

Will it be in an exterior or interior space? If it’s going outside, it will have to be strong enough to withstand all kinds of weather. Will it hang or be mounted? How can it stand out from the environment around it? For example, with street signs, the environmental backdrop of green vegetation and blue sky must be considered in the design process so that the signs stand out enough for drivers to see. All of these questions will help determine the type of materials, fonts and colours of your sign.

2. What type of business do you run?

Think about the type of sign or material that would fit your company’s image and brand. For example, if you sell outdoor supplies or rustic furniture, you might want to think about a carved wood sign that is reflective of the outdoors and nature. On the flip side, if you sell state-of-the-art technology, perhaps your sign should be made of a cutting-edge material or a sleek clean steel or plastic with a modern font.

3. How much do you want to spend?

There are many companies that specialize in designing and manufacturing signs. And the manufacturing process—and cost—will vary greatly depending on the material the sign is made of and the labour involved in making it. By determining your budget, you can start to narrow your search for a sign company or designer.

4. Will it last?

A good sign needs to have staying power, especially if it’s an exterior sign. You might want to invest a little more in a well-made sign that will stand the test of time. Otherwise, you’ll just have to spend more money down the road having a new one made.

5. How and where is it made?

You can find cheaper signs mass-produced in factories, or custom signs handmade by local artisans and designers. You need to decide if it’s important to you how and where it’s made and how much you want to spend.
Only 100% Cotton
Direct to Garment uses water based inks that will never wash off or fade. These adhere only to cotton fibres but we’ve tried and tested the best 100% cotton tees and tanks to ensure you get the best looking print possible.
Yes and No. With screen printing and digital printing we use CMYK inks that do not line up with Pantone colours, if you have a specific Pantone colour you are looking to match we will do our best to match that colour to CMYK ink. With signs we have a limited amount of coloured vinyl in store and do our best to either match the colour in house or order a colour that is similar to fit your needs. Please discuss your requirements with us by emailing
Direct to Garment printing has no minimum quantity, that’s one of the beauties of this choice.The order cost is determined by the cost of preparing to print your order + the unit price of the apparel you’ve selected, spread over the number of shirts the order involves.
Job setup includes:
Mockups leading to your job approval
Preparation of art file
Preparation of print sheet
Pretreat the shirt ( If necessary)
Machine setup
Job teardown and cleanup
Apparel costs:
Each style of apparel has its own unit cost.
Starting at 1 piece, the more shirts printed,  the per unit price decreases.
Mistakes occur when details are taken for granted.
Make no assumptions as yours will be one of many orders being printed at any time. With each new order we ask you to start a new email thread. Please re-attach your art files, or refer to the invoice number you want us to reproduce. If you need us to match a colour of any kind, please notify us. If you need an exact match from a previous print order, we ask you to provide us with a sample shirt, or refer to your previous ‘print library file’ where we permanently store (this only applies to customers who request the service) one of your tees from a previous order, for a $10 fee.
Mistakes happen when printing. When we make a mistake using a shirt from our suppliers, we grab another from our inventory. Our markup acts as your insurance. When you provide the shirts, we charge for the shirts that are properly printed. We do not cover the cost of misprints when you provide the apparel.
T-ShirtGuys will not be responsible for items that are out of stock. All apparel is purchased each business day at 1 pm, closest after your order was placed. Should items become out of stock, we will do our best to find a replacement and get it approved by you prior to using it for your order. Once we have started your order in good faith, we will not be held responsible of manufacturers inventory shortages. We work with you to solve the shortage, but shortages are not grounds for cancelling your order. There is no point in us checking suppliers inventory until the time we actually place the order. At that point, if there is an inventory issue, the supplier will notify us and we will work with you to find a solution.

What is the best blank t shirt brand to use

When it comes to blank t shirt brands, there are tons of options available. From the material, color, quality and intended use, you need to understand all aspects of the tees you select and how they affect your brand. There are many tough decisions to make when you are starting your own clothing company, however, don’t let this be one of them.

With a little guidance, you will better be able to determine the right tee for you. So, we wanted to take you through the considerations to make your life easier. Below are all the aspects you should consider when selecting the right t-shirt for your clothing company

Tri-Blend vs. Cotton

First things first, let’s start with the material of your tee. Maybe to a beginner, this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but trust us, it is! The first thing every customer will do is reach out to touch the t-shirt. When they do this and feel a rough, t-shirt they will be more likely to return it or place it back on the rack.

You want to be sure that when a customer touches your t-shirt for the firs time, they feel something soft, comfortable and has quality. What will help your understand what type of feel and quality of the tee you are looking at, will be the material used?

50/50 blend

Tees that are made up of half polyester and half cotton are referred to a 50/50 blend. The idea is to harness the benefits of both materials. The cotton provides a breathable comfort people love while the polyester gives clothing a tear-resistant quality. Additionally, 50/50 blends are usually cheaper and less expensive than all cotton options. Plus, they don’t shrink the same way that cotton clothing that has not been preshrunk do.


A tri-blend tee consists of three materials – cotton, polyester and rayon. The blend is super soft (often softer than 100 percent cotton choices) and doesn’t trap heat between you and the tee, which makes them great to athletic shirts.

100 percent cotton

As you know, clothing items that say “100% cotton” on the label are highly popular because they are comfortable, breathable and last. They are perfect for hot temperatures and are easy for screen-printing.

With that being said, there are several options when it comes to your all cotton choices. For example, 100 percent ringspun shirts are softer, feel nicer when worn and graphics print better on these shirts.

T-ShirtGuys staff are happy to go over all of your options to help narrow down your selection(s)

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