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Whether you need hundreds of t-shirts for your big event or just fifty for an exclusive small run design, we use specialty inks and trade techniques to ensure your design is represented at its best!
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Our state of the art Direct to Garment printer is able to hash out the most detailed, full-colour designs of your dreams; directly onto the garment! Best for small runs and the most complex of artwork, Direct to Garment is sure to blow you mind with the possibilities.
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Need only one t-shirt? We’re armed with digital cad-cut vinyl printers and cutters. We print and cut vinyl for all shapes and sizes, from full- colour heat transfers to jersey personalizations. 
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The timeless, classic look of embroidery will give your employee uniforms a professional appearance. Our embroidery department will create your custom embroidered garments with the highest quality finished product in mind.
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No other print method is like sublimation! High definition, full colour prints done in this method take only minutes to produce, but their impact will last a lifetime.
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Specialty Services

Take your order to the next level with these features

Tag Printing

Inside tags are a great way to make a shirt 100% your own. Not only do they provide important information, such as sizing and wash instructions, inside tags allow your branding to shine through in every aspect of your product.

Tone on Tone Printing

If you’re looking to achieve a relaxed, subtle look with your print, ask us about tone on tone! We’ll help you select an ink colour that is a touch lighter or darker than your shirt colour. This low-contrast technique is a great way to turn heads at no additional cost.

Glow In The Dark Ink

Glow in the Dark printing is the coolest way to bring life to graphic prints. At first glance the print will look like any other, but after being exposed to sunlight, you’ll find the ink glowing bright in the dark!

Metallic Prints

Printing foil on a t-shirt can be bold, but if designed well, it can bring the art to life and make it really stand out.

Puffy Ink

Expanding ink, or puff, is an additive to plastisol inks which raises the print off the garment, creating a 3D feel and look to the design.

Vintage Printing

If you’re looking for a worn-in printing effect, look no further! Vintage printing involves us using a soft pass of lightly “watered-down” inks to allow the colour and texture of your shirt to come through slightly.

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