Spirit Wear

Clubs, Team & Graduation Wear

You chose your school because it was the best fit for you as a student. With hundreds of clubs, teams, residences and student unions,

it’s our job to see that your t-shirts, hoodies and more best reflect the spirit and message your group wants to project.


In short, we make you look good while you learn how to make the world a better place!


Here’s How It Works!



Placing an order


Appoint one person within your group to represent your order, as it’s getting processed. T-ShirtGuys will send you easy to process forms to make it easy to get every group members specifications down. The easier and less detailed the design is – the better the price!


Your order starts when we receive 50% deposit. We will then order in the apparel you choose and it will be delivered to our shop within the next couple of days.

Need advice? We are available to talk to you via email and phone at anytime during our business hours!


We will guide your through the whole process


Customer service and education sets us aside from our competition. We put alot of pride in our high level of customer service. You will be assigned one sales representative thoughout the whole process. That way you can have direct communication with one person that knows your order from start to end.


Our print quality combine with our attantion to details is why we enjoy the google rating that we havve. Three people inspect the first print before we commit. Each independently ask themselves. This approach leads to a reputation that proceeds us and that’s why we are the go-to choice of many many household brands that needs apparel.


Design and mockup approval


We always recommend customers to provide an illustator or photoshop file as per design files. That will give you the best print result possible. If your don’t have anyone to help you with the design, we’ll be more than happy to help get what you are looking for.


Our grapics department will send you a photorealistic mockup of how your uniforms are to be decorated, as per your initial instructions.

This is your opportunity to edit the design as we understand it through the instructions we take from your description. We are always waiting for the customer to approve their mock up before we proceed into printing. 


Ready for pick up!


Allow seven business days for your order to be completed. You don’t have to pay the balance of your order until the order is completed. Our standard process is pick up but we’re happy to arrange for shipment to your adress. 


Keep your orders simple, for your sake. Using one shirt color makes your group stand out in the crowd. We fold your order by sizes so it will be easier to hand them out to your group or club when the order arrives.


Make your shirts fun – trust us when we say, what you are abbout to order will be amonst the mor tresured clothes down the road!

Interested in placing an order? Have some questions? Get in touch, we’d be happy to help!