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What is is a typography site where you can download free or purchase a variety of fonts by authors for commercial or personal use. Browse fonts by alphabetical order, style category or popularity.

Why we suggest!

There are a number of reasons why we suggest using when searching for a font for your T-shirt Design:

  • Makes it super easy to find a font that is suitable for any type of design (categories include: fancy, basic, script, etc.)

  • Allows you to view your text in a particular font before you download it

  • It makes downloading fonts very simple and includes a “readme” text from the author that states how you can use the text after you download it

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What is

Shutterstock is a website where you can purchase and download stock images, photographs, vectors, illustrations and videos. It is a great platform that provides creatives with inspirational material and content for upcoming projects.

Why we suggest using Shutterstock!

Reasons why we suggest using Shutterstock:

  • Shutterstock is super straightforward and allows users to easily find images through a search bar, curated collections, search by image and categories.

  • You can download or “try” an image for free which means the image comes with a watermark

  • Suggests images that are similar and related keywords which is helpful when making your design cohesive

  • Allows you to save the image or vector at different formats/resolutions

  • Allows you to edit an image in Shutterstock editor where you can crop and resize the image, add a border/filter or effect and change the transparency

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What is is a website with a built in photo editing software. It allows users to easily upload photos, remove image backgrounds and download previews of these vectors under 1000 pixels.

Why we suggest using!

At TShirtGuys we have graphic designers at your disposal who can remove image backgrounds for around $5. However, if you like to do-it-yourself then is a simple tool you can use to get rid of image backgrounds.

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