Puffy Ink

Puff is an ink additive which, raises the print off the garment, creating a 3D feel. The ink expands when exposed to high-temperature heat as the garment is cured. It creates a distinctive three-dimensional texture, with no extra cost or set up.

How to add Puffy Ink into your design?

When puff ink additive is mixed with plastisol ink, the colour will be diluted, making the plastisol colour more muted than it would be on it’s own. In order to achieve the specific PMS colour desired, try adding an additional layer of the plastisol. That means, the first layer will be the puff mixture (about 90% puff additive with 10% plastisol ink), then, after flashing, add a second coat of the plastisol in the PMS colour you want to achieve, and voila!

Other FAQS:

Fabric: No restrictions
Heat sensitivity:
Cotton – low
Blends – high
Polyester – High
Recommended: Thicker fabrics and small surface area designs
Keep in mind: Although it can be used on all fabrics we do not recommend using polyester or blends because they tend to be thinner fabrics and end up having a less than ideal outcome due to the texture of puff additive. There is a dulling suede in puff additive that gives a matte finish