EXAMPLE Campaign Fundraiser

Fundraising Campaign example



The video below is not ours, we are only using this video for example purposes. It is owned by Delack Media Group and if you are interested in their cause please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fk-aiLMMO30 to find their page to donate.

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This Description box is used to describe your fundraiser. The typical fundraiser usually lasts 1.5 months and has a max amount to raise and minimum donation price.



We would need to know the following information:

  • How long your fundraiser will be (max 2 months)
  • How much you are looking to raise
  • A minimum donation price
  • What kind of products do you want to be a part of the fundraiser – shirts, hoodies, mugs, etc.
  • The design you are looking to put onto the product
  • The case of the fundraiser



You will be provided with your own profile while you can track the progress of the fundraiser. Order fulfillment will take place and the fundraisee will acquire their proceeds at the end of the fundraiser.



Lastly, the fundraisee is responsible for their own promotional marketing.


If you are interested in creating a fundraiser please contact us through the Contact Us Page