Order Fulfillment


Bulk product distribution for large orders:

  • To distribute quantities of product to nominated locations.

  • Event provisioning

  • Assistance with customer wish-fulfillment


Below is an excel spreadsheet with information that we will need about your Order Fulfillment. If you know aspects of your order please fill out the template and email it to us at sales@tshirtguys.ca

If at any time you have questions or would like to discuss service options, our dedicated customer service representatives are here to help: | Phone: (416) 465-4443  | Email: sales@tshirtguys.ca

Information about your order fulfillment process

Step 1: Receiving

On receipt f the excel spreadsheet above we will have a customer service rep contact you. Feel free to add any notes about your contact preferences to ensure contact is as seamless as possible.

Step 2: Picking

Our team will begin the process fulfilling products based on the packing slip. Printing is completed and our in house quality control system is applied.

Step 3: Packing

Packing will be directly based on the information given to us from the Order fulfillment template. We provide quality and affordable packaging for your products based on extensive local and international shipping experience.

Step 4: Shipping

Each package for distribution will have its own packing label based on customer information. Our team has select carriers with established quality service records who provide the best and most cost-effective shipping for our customers.