Points to Consider when choosing your t-shirt type

What is the best blank t-shirt brand to use?

When it comes to blank t-shirt brands, there are tons of options available. From the material, colour, quality, and intended use, you need to understand all aspects of the tees you select and how they affect your brand. There are many tough decisions to make when you are starting your own clothing company, however, don’t let this be one of them.

With a little guidance, you will be able to determine the right tee for you. So, we wanted to take you through the considerations to make your life easier. Below are all the aspects you should consider when selecting the right t-shirt for your clothing company.


Tri-Blend vs. Cotton

First things first, let’s start with the material of your tee. Maybe to a beginner, this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but trust us, it is! The first thing every customer will do is reach out to touch the t-shirt. When they do this and feel a rough, t-shirt they will be more likely to return it or place it back on the rack.

You want to be sure that when a customer touches your t-shirt for the first time, they feel something soft, comfortable and has quality. What will help you understand the feel and quality of the tee you are looking at, will be the material used.

50/50 blend

Tees that are made up of half polyester and half cotton are referred to a 50/50 blend. The idea is to harness the benefits of both materials. The cotton provides a breathable comfort people love while the polyester gives clothing a tear-resistant quality. Additionally, 50/50 blends are usually cheaper and less expensive than all cotton options. Plus, they don’t shrink the same way that cotton clothing, that has not been preshrunk, does.


A tri-blend tee consists of three materials – cotton, polyester and rayon. The blend is super soft (often softer than 100 percent cotton choices) and doesn’t trap heat between you and the tee, which makes it great for athletic apparel.

100 percent cotton

As you know, clothing items that say “100% cotton” on the label are highly popular because they are comfortable, breathable and last. They are perfect for hot temperatures and are easy for screen-printing.

With that being said, there are several options when it comes to your all cotton choices. For example, 100 percent ring spun shirts are softer, feel nicer when worn and graphics print better on these shirts.

T-ShirtGuys staff are happy to go over all of your options to help narrow down your selection(s)