First, a design is printed onto special paper. The inks that are used turn into gas when brought under heat, then combined with the fabric and permanently printed onto the fabric. The effects are permanent and less prone to fading, as the ink is embedded in the fabric substrate rather than simply laying on top like a normal print. The result is a permanent, full colour image that won’t crack, peel or wash away.


Because this method is so robust and versatile, the primary benefit is design freedom.

Sublimation printing is suitable for small batch orders, seam-to-seam designs and garments with a large number of design variations and applications.


Sublimation printing is only suitable for garments that include polyester (100% polyester or polyester blend).

Another potential problem to watch out for is white creasing. Sublimation works by printing a design into white fabric, and if there are areas of the garment that are unreached by the design, they’ll stay white. This can be caused by accidental folding or small amounts of moisture that accumulate on the transfer paper.

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