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Type of Signs


Pros > Can be sold high in comparison to our costs due to high perceived value. Wide variety of types that can be either ordered in or handbuilt. A good item to offer T-shirt customers with a built-up brand

Cons > Turn around time can be kinda high depending on the complexity, often needs mocked up artwork before customer willing to proceed


Usually built in house

We do not provide installation

Needs artwork for both proofs and mock-ups and often needs permits from the city


Cloroplast, Alupanel or Crezon

Supply only, generally easy for customers to install themselves quick turn around.

Cons > generally need artwork and sometimes a mockup before customer approval


Show up / pull up / ready to go

As the name suggests, pull up banners or pull up signs are banners you can simply pull up! Backed with a stand, pull up banners are a cheap and effective marketing promotional tool.

They are easy to set up and reuse.

Pull-up banners can be easily set up on a pole or a stand in a matter of seconds making them a popular choice for trade shows, exhibits and even in-store sales promotions. They are light-weight, durable and portable. The ease of setting them up and collapse makes them a great choice for those who need to move around frequently.

They are easy to store. Once collapsed, they can be easily transported and reused. Depending on the choice of material and design.



Supply only.

You can use existing T-shirt artwork for customers looking to branch out

Cons > Need to tweak our mark up I think Getting it to print can be tricky, may need to source a better type of pape


High-impact and versatile, stickers are a great way to spread your branding. We can guarantee that you’ll soon see your logo stuck to laptops, skateboards, and street signs across the city!


Buttons are a subtle way to brand your concept whether it’s a business or club, or just your clever idea. An effective button is a subtle way of getting people to wear your brand regularly. If your artwork inspires attraction, buttons stand out and beg to be read.

Get your brand out there anyway you can!


Pros > Easy to make with a decent markup, Magnets are supplied only and easy for customers to install themselves Good tie in with existing T-Shirt Customers.