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Opaque Inks

Opaque Ink

Opaque/Plastisol inks provide the most economic and popular method delivering a durable and opaque print. Vivid inks are our popular print method for screen printing.


If you’re looking for a vibrant, affordable print:

Why use Plastisol Inks?

Most Pantone mixing formulas call for use of transparent white ink, but many letterpress printers choose to use opaque instead. One reason to use opaque white is that the mixed colour—off press—may resemble more closely the printed colour, though the mixed ink will not be perfectly opaque once printed. When printing on an off-white t-shirt, the opaque white helps the ink colour to retain its hue instead of allowing the colour of the t-shirt to show through. Use transparent white if you intend to do overprinting to mix colours (ex: yellow and blue to make green), or if the printed image is meant to be translucent.


Fabric: No restrictions
Heat Sensitivity:
Cotton – Low
Blends – High
Polyester – High
Recommended: Widely applicable
Keep in mind: Thin fabrics with a large surface area creates a heavy deposit of ink. It tends to lose some sharpness depending how many layers of ink there are, especially on thicker fabrics.

Benefits of using Plastisol Inks:

  • User friendly – very easy to manage and can be left on a screen for hours before it clogs up the mesh. Plastisol does not “dry”. In order for a compound to dry, there must be evaporation of some kind of solvent. Since plastisol has little or no solvent, it cannot dry

  • Increased production speeds – That’s because it can be printed wet-on-wet; an under base can be laid down, flash cured and printed over quickly; and pinholes can be blasted out quickly with a spot gun.

  • Versatile -Plastisol comes in strengths from transparent to very opaque and most printers will have the various versions available to use, depending upon the type and colour of fabric they are printing on

  • Vivid Prints -Plastisol ink creates vivid prints even on the darkest coloured substrates. That’s because plastisol ink sits on top of the substrate rather than being absorbed like water-based or discharge inks. The ink doesn’t have to compete with the colour of the substrate, meaning that you can have a bright, solid print on just about any substrate.

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