Screen Printing








Pros of Screen Printing

Most Cost-Effective

When printing large quantities, screen printing is the most economical choice. The more shirts you order, the lower the cost per shirt. But keep in mind, every colour in your design requires a new screen to be made — the more colours in your print, the more expensive your job becomes.

Different Print Styles

We print with plastisol or water and discharge inks. However, you can always add high-end effects and embellishments to further customize your screen printed apparel and create something truly remarkable. Custom apparel with metallic or specialty inks are simply eye-catching.

Long Lasting Prints

When your top priority is a print that lasts, screen printing should be your first choice. Not only does it allow for the creation of high-quality custom apparel, it also produces durable, wearable results. Screen printing will last through many washes — as long as the garment itself!

Perfect for Simple Designs

If you are looking to print a simple design or text then screen printing is the ideal method to choose. Generally speaking, screen printing is best for artwork that has solid colour and isn’t photography based making it ideal for printing logos, company names or graphics. Gradients can also be achieved with screen printing and will leave you with a crisp, sharp design.

Great Finish

Screen printing produces vibrant colours that are hard to replicate by other printing techniques. Techniques like direct to garment (DTG) use cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) dots to recreate their images and while it is a great method to replicate details it usually pales (literally) in comparison to screen printing.

Bold Colours & Images

This method uses a thicker ink that will not be absorbed into the fabric of the shirt as you find with direct to garment printing. The ink will remain on the surface of the shirt, but will bend and flex with the shirt. This slightly raised ink gives a texture and feel to the printed areas of the shirt, which is very distinctive to the process.

Cons of Screen Printing

One of the main disadvantages of screen printing is that it has a much higher initial setup cost than digital printing and takes more time. Other cons of screen printing include:

  • more limited colour ranges available

  • the amount of ink used can make the design look as if it is raised from the print material

  • it cannot be customised in the manner of digital printing

We always advise clients to opt for screen printing if they need higher quality, more professional appearance for prints. However, we ensure our clients are aware of the extra amount of time needed to prepare the screens and the cost implications of screen printing. Screen printing is most suitable for bulk orders that don’t require much customisation or wide use of different colours. Contemporary developments in digital printing also mean that it’s more widely used for a number of different print materials nowadays, including glass and wood.