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Originally from Montreal, the largest of our blank apparel suppliers is a brand called Gildan. Their t-shirts and hoodies have been a constant for summer camps and high school teams. Gildan’s Ultra Cotton t-shirt is the Honda Civic of the t-shirt world. The company is both socially and environmentally aware and responsible and we include some of their videos so that you can judge for yourself.

Gildan also owns American apparel, Alstyle Apparel and Anvil Apparel, making them the print apparel industry’s first conglomerate.

Gildan is the Coca~Cola of t-shirt brands. Picture the pop aisle and know half the brands are owned by Coke.


American Apparel is another company that was born in Canada and raised in the USA. They are proud of the environmental impact their products have. It was AA that kicked off consumer awareness with their ‘fair-trade t-shirt’, ensuring that all of it’s employees receive a decent wage. They now are a subsidiary off Gildan umbrella. Where they deserve their props, comes from the fact that they were the first large company to experiment with ladies fitted t-shirts. Until American Apparel women had to live with a unisex and men’s cut T-shirt. American Apparel is the BMW of printed apparel/


Alternative apparel is a brand that stands out for their pushing the envelope in terms of using superior quality materials and laying on additional embellishments that make their products stand out in a crowd. Both they’re topstitching and reinforcement stitching are beyond compare for companies selling printed apparel, coast to coast. If Gildan is the Old Navy of t-shirts, then Alternative Apparel is the Banana Republic of printables.


Threadfast apparel is part of our lineup of the best printable clothing brands out there. They spend extra effort in dying and weaving materials that are instantly recognizable for they’re depth of colour. A technique of dyeing fabrics that contains more than one type of fiber in different yarns such that each fiber can be dyed a different shade. The process of dyeing different fibers different colors in the same dyebath. Incredibly rich old school fabrications are quite something.

If t-shirts were like fireworks, Threadfast’s fireworks form letters and shapes.


Just like hero is a vertically integrated supplier of crewneck sweaters and pullovers. Theirs is the perfect balance between price and quality. Where other companies like American apparel and Bella+Canvas offer competing products at twice the price, they fall back on thinner materials and fitted cuts. Just like hero offers Fleece specially blended for direct to garment printing.


Next level apparel like anvil apparel came onto the scene, looking for their place amongst American Apparel and Bella. Better pricing is perhaps the best of what they bring to the table. There are particular shirts however where they just hit it out of the park! Experimenting with cotton poly blend’s they are a very competitive option. They might be root beer, but they’re no cream soda!


Rabbit skins has become our principal supplier of baby and toddler t-shirts and onesies. Their cotton is lovely, their designs are spot on, a little quality details especially on the onesies speak for them selves.

Fun fact, they have another brand called Doggie Skins.

The quality is there and the price is right, But, they don’t have their own website? Even the preverbal neighbours kid, has their own website! Rabbit Skins is like a regional fire inspector. You know he’s a fireman but where’s the truck?


Anvil Apparel is like an orange-flavoured JellyBellies. Stacked up beside marshmallow flavour on the right and strawberry-daiquiri flavour to the left, there really is no reason for a boring old citrus.
Next level apparel like anvil apparel came onto the scene, looking for their place amongst American Apparel and Bella. Slightly better pricing is their biggest asset when compared to the competition.

Comparing the Brands

Large coast-to-coast companies that have similar exemplary records when it comes to being both fair employers and the environment make all the brands we carry. They each have a role to play in our business. When price is the determining factor, our go-to t-shirt is likely the Gildan softstyle T. When fit and feel are important, Bella+Canvas’ cotton and tri-blend tees make the company one of our top two brands.

All brands get stars on the t-shirt walk of fame, but here’s our class trophy’s:

Gildan ~ most likely to have been the brand all your past class t-shirts were printed on.

Bella + Canvas ~ most likely to be your favourite t-shirt ten-years from now.

American Apparel ~ voted most likely to be Gildan attempt to compete with Bella+Canvas

Just Like Hero ~ voted most likely to be your favourite hoodie ten years from now.

Anvil Apparel ~ voted most likely to never have the impact in Canada, that they have in the USA.

Next Level ~ voted most likely to always be in the bottom of any ‘top-three’ search

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