Order Fulfillment

What is Order Fulfillment?

Order fulfillment covers the complete process from when a sale takes place all the way through delivery to your customer.

Process of Order Fulfillment:

Step 1: Receiving

This step entails receiving details about the order from our customer. Details such as what type of product will be shipped, who it will be shipped to, and where. This step requires the customer to fill out an excel spreadsheet and a have a conversation with our customer service rep.

Step 2: Picking

After receiving all information about the order our team will begin the process fulfilling products based on the packing slip. Based on the packing slip we will print on selected quantity of products.

Step 3: Packing

After products have been printed and accounted for our team will begin the packing process. The packing will be directly based on the information given to us from the Order fulfillment template. Products will be packaged with care and consideration.

Step 4: Shipping

The last step of this process is the shipping of products. Each package will have its own packing label based on customer information. Our team has select carriers that we trust to provide the best and most cost-effective shipping for our customers.

Is Order Fulfillment Right for Your Company?

We suggest using Order Fulfillment when your company/brand is looking to ship out large amounts of items to various locations. If your company is large or has a large event and needs products delivered without the hassle of dealing with a third party carrier. If you are a small company who is selling large amount of products and unable to keep up with fulfillment, TShirtGuys are here to help you with the process.

What We Need From You!

If you a looking to start Order Fulfillment please email us at sales@tshirtguys.ca with information about your upcoming order. The Information we need is the following:

  • Your name and contact information

  • What kind of product you are looking to fulfill (are you looking to screen print or DTG items for your customer base?)

  • What kind of design are you looking to screenprint (send us a jpg, or png image of what you are thinking)

  • When you are looking to have items shipped out by

Below is an excel spreadsheet with information that we will need about your Order Fulfillment. If you know aspects of your order please fill out the template and email it to us at sales@tshirtguys.ca. From there we will email or call you.