1. Where will the sign be placed?

Exterior or interior space? If outside, it will have to be strong enough to withstand all kinds of weather. Hung or mounted? What will it require to visually stand out from the physical environment around it? These questions will help determine the type of materials, fonts and colours of your sign.

2. What type of business do you run?

Think about the type of sign or material that would fit your company’s image and brand. For example, if you sell outdoor supplies or rustic furniture, a carved wood sign that is reflective of the outdoors and nature might be consistent. On the flip side, if you sell state-of-the-art technology, perhaps cutting-edge material or sleek clean steel / plastic with a modern font. Sign construct can reflect a business to augment content and graphics.

3. How much do you want to spend?

The manufacturing process—and cost—will vary depending on the material the sign is made of and the labour involved in making it. By determining a budget, you can start to narrow your search for a design.

4. Will it last?

A good sign needs to have staying power, especially if it’s an exterior sign. Investing a little more in a well-made sign that will stand the test of time may prove a better financial proposition than a cheaper item requiring earlier replacement.