Colours: YES, within reason. If a white base-layer becomes necessary the cost of an extra screen is applied.
Red ink applied to a white shirt reveals the red colour. Red on a black shirt requires white behind the red to equal out the colour intensity.
If your order requires ink colour changes, a colour change fee will be applied. $25.
If the reprint remains the same,and the colour of the ink remains the same, but the shirt material changes from one-type (i.e. cotton) to the other material being, for example polyester, the ink will need to be swapped for another and this a $25. Charge will apply if the same screen can be used, ordering multiple styles is not a problem.
If some of your prints are a large chest print and some require a smaller left-chest print, the two are actually separate print orders.
Ordering different size shirts is not a problem, but the print size is always limited by the smallest size shirt we are asked to print on.