Direct to Garment

What is Direct to Garment?

Photorealistic Prints.


Direct to Garment printing involves a inkjet printer printing a water based ink, directly into the fabric of a garment.  It allows you to print full colour, photo-realistic artwork and gradients perfectly. These types of images can be difficult and expensive to reproduce with screen printing, whereas Direct to Garment can print them without issue!

No Minimums.

With direct to garment printing, there are very few design restrictions, which allow us to offer customers the ability to print any design on just one shirt — which is something that most print shops won’t do. Direct to garment printing is best suited for small orders of apparel that use complex multi-colour artwork.

Only 100% Cotton.

Direct to garment printing uses water based inks that will never wash off or fade. These inks adhere only to cotton fibres but we’ve tried and tested the best 100% cotton tees and tanks to ensure you get the best looking print possible.

How It Works 

Our 5 Step Process For Direct-To-Garment Printing





Shirts that are not white may require a pre-treat application to ensure colour opacity. First, the pretreatment creates a surface that the ink can print on and not be absorbed. When the ink encounters the pretreatment, a chemical reaction causes the ink to gel on the surface of the material. Without it the water-base ink would absorb into the material and the translucent inks would lose their true colour becoming much darker.





Requiring heat at both the start and end of the print process, 350 lbs of pressure is applied for 36 seconds to press down the fuzzy fibres of the t-shirt material. The heat press is used to cure the pretreatment so ink can properly rest on top.





Like an ink-jet printer, the print head of our machine distributed the ink directly onto the item. Every bit of detail and colour in the design comes out beautiful and crisp thanks to a few passes of the heads! Prints are usually left to rest for a few minutes before moving onto the next step of our process.





Heat pressing is used at the offset to prepare the shirt for printing but heat & pressure are just as important after the printing. We use our heat press to cure the ink onto the material. Method and approach to pressing is as important as the print itself. The thin nature of the water-base ink requires a gentle touch. Our DTG printers are the best in the city!





For print clarity and definition, DTG is often the choice of painters and artists, delivering the best representation of their work to sell on t-shirts. Once set up, printing one or two more is not a big deal which making it the best and most cost effective print method for print-on-demand order fulfillment.

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