About Us

We are a t-shirt printing company in Toronto that values the process of t-shirt making. We pride ourselves on working closely with the customers to execute each idea and design with care. The quality we provide is backed by our staff who have extensive knowledge and experience within the t-shirt printing realm. Transparency is key; we recognise that time is valuable and we do our best to provide our customers with accurate order fulfillment. Lastly, we want to do more than just create and print your designs. At T-ShirtGuys we want to provide an educational platform that will inspire creatives to express themselves through the medium of t-shirts.

Our History

The T-ShirtGuys became official in 2003, a year that was crucial to the development of the t-shirt industry.

From 1987 up to the founding of T-ShirtGuys, we were retailers, selling printed t-shirts from stores in major shopping centres. That collective experience prepared us as we embraced the idea of becoming t-shirt printers vs re-sellers.

Instead of telling people what they should buy, we were now responding to them when they told us what they wanted.

New to the apparel print industry, we started by trying to emulate our competition but lowering prices between 5 to 10%. Please note: undercutting price is a dead-end approach to business as there is always someone prepared to do ‘the job’ for less.

We had to identify with what makes us standout in our field and the answer was a relatively easy one. Superior customer service! We work with the approach that everyone who contacts us has never placed an order before and as such we practice the following:

  • To be polite and chat with folks in a manner we ourselves would appreciate.

  • To be transparent and have resources at the ready to help inform and explain the services we offer. A video library along with written descriptions are key when clients want to see in advance, what were proposing to do.

    Tours of our print shop have always been freely offered, notwithstanding Covid-19.

  • Under promise and over deliver. Tell us when you need your order for, and we’ll move heaven and earth to complete your project and leave you smiling.

    That’s not to say we don’t have jobs that run into overtime, but when we do, we’ll let you know in advance so you have time to plan.

  • We take responsibility for our mistakes and try hard to more than compensate our client. ‘It’s our fault’, is something our suppliers seldom embrace and it affects a person, especially when the chips are down. We believe companies define themself by how they handle their mistakes.

  • To freely pass on all the tips we’ve learned over the years. This includes sharing relevant experiences some clients have learned from, the hard way. This is especially true for those customers starting or running their own clothing line(s). Education can be key when trying to feel confident in a company’s services.

  • To work daily to increase our technical proficiency. Everything above only matters when we strive to improve print technique. The field of direct-to-garment printing is a great example. In the three years we’ve offered this print method, seldom does a day go by when our print staff doesn’t further their field of expertise.

  • To provide options, especially when they can safe you expense. Relationship building and concepts like social media cross-promotion can’t happen when your printer just wants to take your money. You are your own best brand. Trust is key when promoting you through the work of others.

  • To educate and to also freely refer our client enquiries to vendors that are better equipped to handle their job requests.

We are proud of the unsolicited reviews we get as a company, but we know reputations can be fragile things and that our credibility is built not only on what we have achieved but rather on what we do next.